• Professional Skin Care Formula Black Bleaching Soap

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Professional Skin Care Formula Black Bleaching Soap

The PSCF black bleaching soap is best in whitening your facial skin, gets rid of pimples, freckles and various other skin imperfections. It includes Grape Fruit Extracts which is a source of Alpha Hydroxyl Acids which helps in the skin rejuvenation. Furthermore consists of Kojic Acid which is an effective and safe vegetal draw out with proven whitening action. Black Bleaching Soap is improved with Glycerin usage to whiten your skin. Leave soap foam in your skin 3 to 5 minutes to obtain the maximum impact. Black Whitening Soap is additionally effective in lightening dark skin due to burns, allergies, zit marks.

Achieve the amazing, imperfection free of charge, whiter, even more youthful looking skin in no time. And feel the instant difference on your skin right on its initial usage.